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If Homeopathy is so great, why haven’t I ever heard about it?

The most compelling motivation for embracing homeopathy is the freedom to choose your method of treatment without side effects, toxicity suppression and complications that result from them. Homeopathy is a method so safe you can help yourself and your loved ones without harm or huge expense.

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Posted: September 16, 2014 by Ellen Fowler Bench  

Early registration is open for upcoming classes in Ohio! Sign up by September 20th and save $5.00 on your registration. Click here or visit the Events Calendar page to learn more about all upcoming classes!



Posted: September 2, 2014 by Ellen Fowler Bench  

ZERO ANTIBIOTICS OPTIONS available for both our health and our food supply. Learn more! Livestock Seminars will be held April 24 in Salt Lake City, UT – May 7 in Missoula, MT –

May 14 in Indy, IN – August 1 in Bismarck, ND. Call for more information 855-777-5875.

Lecture Subject: Effective options for Pink Eye, Foot Rot, Scours, Weaning, Pneumonia and other disease prevention which normally force non organic qualifying treatment. (Click on testimonials, then “animal” both written and audio) Field tested and proudly cost effective. Cull less animals. Join us to be empowered with choices! Multiple treatment options will be presented based on your field and pasture conditions. Field tested remedies will be discussed and available for sale. Farm and Ranch consultations and custom formulations are also available. Also see our ad in ACRES USA and GRASS FARMER coming this spring. Details regarding the times and locations are available by clicking on the calendar tab or contacting our office.

For CHILDREN ZERO ANTIBIOTIC OPTIONS AND HOMEOPATHIC PROPHYLAXIS (Immunization Discussion) There are solutions for common complaints which you can be empowered to use for chronic emotional and physical disease challenges which will be discussed in every class and DVD (live recorded classes).


Classical Homeopathic Counseling Receives 2014 Missoula Award

Posted: August 18, 2014 by Ellen Fowler Bench  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Classical Homeopathic Counseling Receives 2014 Missoula Award Missoula Award Program Honors the Achievement MISSOULA August 8, 2014 — Classical Homeopathic Counseling has been selected for the 2014 Missoula Award in the Alternative Medicine category by the Missoula Award Program. Each year, the Missoula Award Program identifies companies