If Homeopathy is so great, why haven’t I ever heard about it?

The most compelling motivation for embracing homeopathy is the freedom to choose your method of treatment without side effects, toxicity suppression and complications that result from them. Homeopathy is a method so safe you can help yourself and your loved ones without harm or huge expense.

Visit  homeopathyresource.wordpress.com for up to date Scientific Studies. Scientific proof Homeopathy is effective ! 

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We are excited to announce enrollment for the Clinical Homeopathic College Program for 2016-2017.

The Clinical Homeopathic College program is designed to empower new and existing practitioners of many levels of competency who have a theoretical understanding of homeopathy but struggle trying to apply these principals to live case taking. This class is the facilitator for applying good foundational training in a practical and useful way to promote a healthy effective practice of both classical and clinical homeopathic services.

These courses specialize in the reality of real clients, with real problems, who are seeking homeopathic solutions at our doors. We take live cases, not paper cases, and we discuss real issues.

This program includes guest speakers, tutorial support and technical staff.

Join us for 11 classes a year for this 1, 2, and now 3-year program.

Click here for the full information packet; which includes general information, an application, prerequisites, and book lists.


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HOMEOPATH ELLEN’S TURBO TM Products were formulated one at a time over 30 years of private practice for clients who wanted options to being medicated with substances that have side effects, were unpleasant or marginally effective.These proprietary formulas available for sale have a long track record of satisfaction by clients, the public and by other practitioners. Should you feel the formula is ineffective for you, put it aside and consider that the origin of your complaint may be a more complicated issue that warrants a consultation for personal, specific and comprehensive consideration. Seek a professional for help. I also highly recommend you spend 90 minutes and watch the free informative video on our web site for you to embrace an expanded view of healthcare options. The ultimate healthcare is safe, effective and individualized for you and not a protocol established by a diagnosis. I hope these remedy tools will be of value in the moment or acute event that necessitates help not requiring an ER visit. Remember that our company or agents, employees do not treat, diagnose or offer medical advice. We also do not provide emergency medical services.We offer safe homeopathic product options. Please get educated. DVD classes are available to facilitate you and your family.